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Ηλιακό φωτιστικό κήπου LED 5.5W με φωτοκύτταρο LED SOLARIS 3S KOBI Black



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Φωτιστικό ηλιακό κήπου LED 5.5W 4000K με φωτοκύτταρο . Στεγανότητα IP44.

  • led solar fixture with motion sensor and light intensity sensor,
  • powered by solar energy,
  • each of operation modes is programmed so that the fixture activates after dusk and deactivates during dawn,
  • possibiliy of continuous operation,
  • angle / range of detection: 120 degrees / 6m,
  • light’s beam angle: 120 degrees,
  • photovoltaic power: 1,7Wp,
  • easy installation due to no wires,
  • includes replaceable li-ion battery 3,7V / 2600mAh,
  • fixture includes A++ – A LED lamps

Βάρος 1600 g


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